“Where’s My Refund?”

Last year 80% of all individual returns were filed electronically. The IRS expects 9 out of 10 individual 2012 returns to be e-filed this year! The IRS confirms that e-filing, when combined with direct deposit, is the fastest way to get a refund. Due to high traffic on the site, the IRS anticipates both the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on www.irs.gov and the refund feature on the “IRS2go phone app” will have limited availability during busier periods. So what should you do…..

  • Have the right tax information ready before using any of the IRS refund tools. This includes Social Security number, filing status and refund amount.
  • You don’t need to check “Where’s My Refund?” more than once a day as your information will not change. The online tool is updated nightly!
  • To avoid system delays, the best time to check on refunds is evening and weekends.
  • There is no need to call the IRS about your refund; the telephone service has the same information that is available on “Where’s My Refund?”.
  • Relax… 9 out of 10 taxpayers typically receive refunds in less than 21 days when they use e-file with direct deposit.
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