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  • Unreimbursed Business Expenses Partners have a limited ability to deduct out-of-pocket expenses which they have paid on behalf of the partnership. Unreimbursed partner expenses can be deducted on Schedule E of the partner’s individual income return, but only if the partnership has a written policy which ... Continue Reading
  • Self-Directed Retirement Plans Financing a business venture can be challenging. For some, leveraging your personal retirement account can be an option for entrepreneurs. There are rules governing almost every aspect of a person’s retirement account. Self-directing your retirement plan funds into your own ... Continue Reading
  • Dollar Limitation on Business Gift Expenses As a small business owner during the holiday season, you may find yourself giving gifts to clients and/or customers. Basically, the IRS will let your business deduct up to $25 for business gifts per person during a tax year. There is no limit on how many people you can give ... Continue Reading
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