PadgettConnect Simplifies Small-Business Bookkeeping

guy typing on computer Good record keeping and accurate financial reporting are important for a business of any size. Finding valuable employee time for bookkeeping chores is a special challenge for a small business, which may well have fewer employees total than a big company has in its accounting department alone. Computerized accounting is supposed to help, but the reality is that many business financial software packages are geared to larger enterprises. For a small business owner, buying one of these packages means spending money for features that aren’t needed, as well as investing time in learning an overly complex program when something simpler and less expensive would do.

The solution to this dilemma is PadgettConnect, the small business software package from the small biz pros at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®. Padgett has been providing services and tools to help small businesses succeed for more than 45 years, and we developed PadgettConnect to just the right scale for the kinds of clients we’ve always served. Entrepreneur magazine even recommends PadgettConnect to anyone starting a new business.

PadgettConnect is a simple product, requiring no specialized accounting knowledge on the part of the user, although free support help is always available if it’s ever needed. With just three modules to learn, a small business owner can have it up and running in minutes:

  • Checkbook tracks receipts, disbursements and bank balance, and can even print checks directly. It can also summarize transactions and export data directly to a Padgett representative.
  • Invoicing is an accounts-receivable system that easily tracks and reports data about sales, customers and products. The Invoicing module interacts with the Checkbook module for seamless bookkeeping.
  • Payroll is module that can be customized for different payroll types and automatically calculates taxes and deductions. It’s an online application that can take data input directly or remotely. The Payroll module generates reports and prints payroll checks.

You can download the free 30-day trial version of PadgettConnect right now and begin seeing how it can make a big difference to your small business. Padgett Business Services®, a division of SmallBizPros Inc., offers business consulting, tax preparation, government compliance, financial reporting, payroll and other services important to small businesses.

Do you have the support you need to manage your small business bookkeeping? Contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with a local small business advisor.