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  • Fiscal Cliff Creates Payroll Processing Uncertainties Payroll processing will become less of an exact science this week because of uncertainties over what payroll and income tax rates will be applicable in 2013. The ongoing negotiations in Washington meant to avert a tumble over the so-called “fiscal cliff” have put payroll ... Continue Reading
  • Use Caution When Taking Tax Deductions for Business Use of Your Home It’s that time of year when small business tax preparation is a hot topic, and the small business bookkeeping pros at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® field a lot of inquiries about IRS rules and regulations. Entrepreneurs who run home-based businesses often have a lot of ... Continue Reading
  • Businesses Should Plan for Continual Changes in the Workforce In some industries, getting and keeping enough workers with the right skill set on employee payrolls is already a challenge, and that challenge is only going to intensify over the next few decades. In fields like information technology and highly skilled, tech-based ... Continue Reading
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