Posts from April, 2012

  • Not Everyone Agrees Which States Are the Most Business Friendly In which state in the country does small business have it best? That depends on the criteria you use to determine each states’ business climate, and different small business consultants are likely to come up with different answers to that question. Each state’s economic ... Continue Reading
  • More of the Jobless are Receiving Unemployment Benefits Not only does unemployment in the United States remain high several years into our current historic “great recession,” but the percentage of the unemployed who are actually receiving unemployment benefits is at a 50-year high. The number of the unemployed who are taking ... Continue Reading
  • Making the Most of Your Small Business's Employee Health Insurance Offerings Offering good health insurance benefits can play a big part in attracting quality people to your company and in retaining them on your employee payroll . In addition, workers can be more productive when they’re healthy and free of worry about how they would pay for medical ... Continue Reading
  • Financial Services Employment Still Under 2008 Levels in 90 Percent of States Employment prospects in the financial services industry tanked in the wake of the crisis in the financial sector several years ago and during the severe recession that followed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in the U.S. financial ... Continue Reading
  • How Much Will Tax Refund Dollars Boost Consumer Spending in 2012? Like Christmas, it seems that tax season starts just a little earlier every year. Anyone who works as a tax preparer for individual income tax filers is already very, very busy. On TV and elsewhere, advertising abounds for tax services available both online and at thousands ... Continue Reading