Posts from February, 2012

  • Complexities of Federal Overtime Regulations Can Make Designating Exempt Employees Difficult A recent post discussed the importance in payroll administration of correctly classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors. Handling employee payroll properly also requires employers to further classify employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt” for purposes ... Continue Reading
  • Will Plans to Consolidate Federal Commerce, Business and Trade Agencies Help or Hurt Small Businesses? The Small Business Administration would be rolled into a new business- and trade-related department made up of a portion of the current Department of Commerce and several other now-independent federal agencies, under a plan floated by the Obama administration a few weeks ... Continue Reading
  • Tips for Employers on Employees' Tips Payroll processing for any company presents challenges, but for companies whose employees receive tips, proper and accurate payroll administration is even more complicated. The good news for employers in most states is that tips can be counted as part of an employee’s pay ... Continue Reading
  • Mixed Outlook for Lending to Small Business in 2012 Money for capital investment is the lifeblood that allows a small business to prosper, grow and perhaps create badly needed jobs. But the credit squeeze that began several years ago in the wake of the “great recession” has made it difficult for small business owners to ... Continue Reading