Posts from January, 2012

  • Must-Have Apps For Small Business Owners More and more these days, personal computers are taking on a different form, as Smart Phones and iPads are taking over the market. Desktop and laptop computer sales were down significantly last year, as users have been gravitating to the smaller devices that have the same ... Continue Reading
  • Employee or Independent Contractor? Classifying Workers Incorrectly Could Prove Costly The Internal Revenue Service, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and various state labor departments, continues to strongly enforce regulations meant to prevent misclassification of employees as independent contractors (ICs). Fortunately, an amnesty program is ... Continue Reading
  • More States Likely to Require Use of E-Verify System at Hiring Time An increasing number of state and local governments are implementing or considering laws that will make it mandatory for employers to check the information supplied by applicants on I-9 forms against the database of the federal E-Verify system. Small business consultants ... Continue Reading
  • Payroll Tax Cut Extended for at Least Two More Months The payroll tax cut that was in effect for 2011 was extended for another two months by a Congressional vote that took place just before Christmas. The employee share of the Social Security tax would have jumped from 4.2 percent back up to its pre-2011 rate of 6.2 percent on ... Continue Reading
  • Taking the Employee Retention Credit On Your 2011 Business Tax Return Companies that hired from the ranks of the unemployed in 2010 and subsequently retained those employees for at least 52 continuous weeks can claim a tax credit of up to $1,000 per qualifying employee on their business taxes when they file their 2011 returns. The credit is ... Continue Reading