Posts from June, 2012

  • Looming 'Taxmageddon' Becomes the Focus of Increasing Attention and Anxiety The prospect that tens of millions of American workers might see a much bigger tax bite come out of their employee payroll checks just six months from now has small business owners, large corporations, politicians, economists and just about everyone else in fear of massive ... Continue Reading
  • How Big Can a Business Be and Still Be Small? Most small business owners would like to see their enterprises grow in size, perhaps someday to the point where they are no longer considered small businesses. The question is, what is “small,” who decides that definition and what difference does it make anyway? Throughout ... Continue Reading
  • Better Business Bureau Marks 100th Birthday The Better Business Bureau, an organization that has made a mission of building consumer confidence in the business community, celebrates its hundredth birthday in 2012. The BBB describes its mission as “advancing marketplace trust” in pursuit of a vision of “an ethical ... Continue Reading