Posts from May, 2012

  • Average U.S. Business Employs Fewer People Than Just 10 Years Ago, Dol Report Says The number of workers on the average U.S. business establishment’s employee payroll has fallen, and not just because of the recent recession and the slow pace of recovery from it. In fact, the mean number of employees at each U.S. business establishment – defined as a single ... Continue Reading
  • SBA Sponsors National Small Business Week May 20-26 National Small Business Week, an annual event that celebrates American small business and its importance to the U.S. economy, will kick off this year on Sunday, May 20. The week begins with a three-day convention of small business owners May 20-22, which will be held in ... Continue Reading
  • Outsourcing Payroll? Hiring A Reliable, Experienced Payroll Processor is Vital More and more small businesses are finding out that hiring an outside payroll processing company is an efficient and cost-effective way to take care of employee payroll duties. Indeed, handing off the routine tasks of payroll management to a contract payroll processor frees ... Continue Reading
  • Interest Rates Rise for Some Small Business Borrowers As Congress Debates Higher Lending Rates for Credit Unions Many small businesses continue to struggle when it comes to borrowing capital, with two-thirds of small business owners in one recent survey saying that obtaining credit is still more difficult today than it was a few years ago. But legislation is pending in Congress that ... Continue Reading
  • Excessive Absenteeism Can Hobble Your Business, But Beware the Pitfalls of 'Presenteeism,' Too Absenteeism due to illness obviously affects a company’s productivity and level of service to its customers, especially for a small business that has a small number of employees on the payroll to do the work in the first place. But employees who come into work when they’re ... Continue Reading
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