Posts from November, 2012

  • The Hows of Getting Paid More Quickly In the previous two posts, we’ve discussed a bookkeeping term called accounts receivable turnover and how to measure it, and we’ve explained why having a good ART is important to your small business financial planning . The question now is, what steps can you take to make ... Continue Reading
  • The Whys of Getting Paid More Quickly Our previous PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® blog post explained in detail how to sharpen up your small business bookkeeping skills to figure out your company’s accounts receivable turnover , or ART. Remember, your ART is just a ratio that indicates how much money you have in ... Continue Reading
  • Are You Getting Paid Fast Enough? Small business bookkeeping serves many purposes, but one of the more important functions of good financial practices is to monitor and manage cash flow. As we’ve pointed out before in the Padgett blog, adequate cash flow is critical to a business’s very survival, and it’s ... Continue Reading