Posts from October, 2012

  • Google’s Dominance of Internet Advertising and Search May Not Last Much Longer The internet has brought many formerly unknown conveniences to business owners, from ordering stock and supplies over the web to the efficient online bookkeeping and payroll services offered by PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® . Even more exciting for a small business, however, ... Continue Reading
  • Big Bank Lending to Small Businesses Surged in September The scarcity of credit for small businesses has been one of the big stories of the last few years, so it came as welcome news last week that small business lending went on the upswing in September, and in a big way. According to the small business lending index compiled by ... Continue Reading
  • Is Automated Hiring the Wave of the Future? When it comes to deciding which job applicants get turned down and which ones end up on their small business’s payroll, most small business owners trust their gut instincts. However, some U.S. companies – for now mostly larger ones – are letting computer programs make their ... Continue Reading
  • Familiar Business Tools and Practices Head Toward Extinction Tools for small business bookkeeping have evolved over the decades from huge ledger books and fountain pens to adding machines and calculators to today’s desktop computers and small business accounting software . In the business world, this kind of change is a constant, yet ... Continue Reading
  • Improved September Jobs Numbers Fuel Discussion of How Unemployment Rate is Calculated, What it Means When the announcement came last week that 114,000 workers were added to the nation’s employee payrolls in September, just about everyone seemed to be caught off guard by the surprisingly good news. Officially, the U.S. unemployment rate fell below 8 percent for the first ... Continue Reading
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