Posts from September, 2012

  • Build Good Business Credit and Avoid Borrowing Pitfalls Small business financial advisors will tell you that credit can be the lifeblood of small businesses. By the same token, bad decisions related to business credit and financing can be your company's undoing, and possibly the undoing of your personal and family finances as ... Continue Reading
  • Companies' Social Media Policies Can Violate Labor Laws Even modest-sized businesses with relatively small numbers of people on their employee payroll are crafting policies regarding their workers’ use of social media. Companies that don’t yet have a social media policy should probably write one sooner rather than later, because ... Continue Reading
  • State Sales Tax Holidays Cover More Than Just School Supplies Back-to-school season is one of those times of year that many small retail business owners eagerly look forward to. Families in the U.S. collectively spend tens of billions of dollars in August outfitting their school-age kids for the coming academic year, an average this ... Continue Reading