Posts from January, 2013

  • New Payroll Tax Cuts Could Give Economic Boost It’s long been thought by some government officials that low-income households would spend a tax rebate check quicker than high-income families. While that widely-thought theory makes sense because of the fact that those who are “cash-strapped” would have more of a need for ... Continue Reading
  • Filing Your Taxes After a Divorce Putting the pieces back together after a major life-change like a divorce can be a major challenge. For some people, the aftermath of such a devastating lifestyle change can really set you back, especially if you were the spouse who wasn’t responsible for filing the family ... Continue Reading
  • Ways to Attract Investors To Fund Your Start-Up Business Looking for ways to get your start-up business off the ground? Sometimes there are some creative ways that you can inject some new life into your dream project that don’t necessarily require throwing a ton of money at the situation. So how exactly do you bounce back if the ... Continue Reading
  • New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners At PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® , we’re excited about the beginning of a new year and the sense of promise it brings. Like many people at this time of year, you’ve probably made a list, at least mentally, of a few resolutions for 2013. As a small business owner , however, it’s ... Continue Reading
  • Pay Raises More Frequent in 2013 Small businesses may being giving out raises a little more frequently this year, and they may also be shelling out a somewhat bigger increases in wages and salary to keep their top performers on the payroll. That’s according to WorldatWork, a non-profit association of human ... Continue Reading
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