Filing Your Taxes After a Divorce

Putting the pieces back together after a major life-change like a divorce can be a major challenge. For some people, the aftermath of such a devastating lifestyle change can really set you back, especially if you were the spouse who wasn’t responsible for filing the family taxes at the end of the year.

Should you continue to file as “Head of Household” this year as you did during previous years? How many deductions should you claim now? Have you notified the HR staff at the company you work for? If you have children, who gets to claim them this coming tax season, as well as following years?

Your divorce decree should have most of the answers to your questions, but this might be a great time to hire a Professional Tax Specialist.

If this is the first year since you’ve officially finalized your divorce, you should consider hiring an expert to have at your side during this difficult time. This isn’t the time to simply file a 1040EZ and wait for any refund check to show up at your mailbox. During a time of distress, you should consider hiring a professional tax specialist to help you with your needs while freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects while you continue to balance your work, family and social life.

Padgett Payroll Services can help you with through the difficult time and, if you’re a business owner, they can provide extra help in these additional areas as well:

  • Contract payroll outsourcing
  • Employee payroll
  • Direct deposit
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Payroll tax filing
  • Payroll withholding
  • Online payroll entry
  • IRS form 941 filing

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