Posts from July, 2013

  • The Importance of Background Checks for Small Business Owners For many small business owners, taking on all of the company’s duties and responsibilities can be rather difficult, especially as your business expands over time. Hiring employees is a great way to reduce your work load, and it allows you to place more emphasis on running ... Continue Reading
  • Face-To-Face Networking for Small Business Owners When it comes to any small business, networking is the key to success. With the explosion of online marketing and social media, business owners can easily place face-to-face networking on hold and spend more time online. Although online is still important to the expansion of ... Continue Reading
  • Creating Your Company’s Culture Every company has a culture. The culture can be carefully created and grown by the company’s management, or it can be something that grows on its own. Research shows that companies with a strong culture significantly outperform companies without a foundation of shared ... Continue Reading
  • Providing Effective Employee Feedback Providing employees with feedback aimed to improve performance can be a nerve-wracking job for managers and small business owners. So how can you give your employees feedback that will not only be accepted, but also acted upon? Padgett Payroll Services® has created this ... Continue Reading