Hiring for the Long-Term

If every job candidate was as great in person as their resume suggested, the hiring process would be fairly simple. A hiring manager could easily just select the best looking resume, and have a model new employee to train. Anyone who has ever had to hire another person knows, however, that the perfect candidate is usually not easy to find and that some candidates appear ripe for the taking, but end up not working out months later. It is better to hire someone that works out the first time than spend the time and resources to train someone whose stay with the company is short-lived. Padgett Payroll Services®, noted payroll specialists, knows it is important to find the right person for the job. Here are a few reasons to hire a candidate based on more than a resume.

First, look for the candidate’s passion and hire someone who feels strongly about what they are trying to achieve. Hopefully, all the prospects that made it to the interview process share a similar passion with your company. If they do not, however, all is not lost. Passion for one subject can sometimes be applied to other subjects. If, for example, your business specializes in home improvement, a likely candidate would be someone with a passion for anything remotely related to helping people improve their living space. This can apply to anything from pets to sports to landscaping. The key is in seeing whether the things your business does can become something the candidate is passionate about.

A great sales person may not be a star leader, and that is okay. When you are looking for a candidate for your organization, you need to be looking for a good fit. First consider the job duties that need to be performed and measure whether a candidate can accomplish these jobs. Then think about your company’s culture and evaluate how well a new employee can fit into that culture. By knowing which traits you desire in the “perfect candidate,” you can more easily narrow down the options. You can also look for a candidate that mirrors traits that the most successful people in your business has and gauge whether the candidate’s values match your company’s core principles. For more information on how to determine the skills, traits and values you need in an employee, read our Hiring Best Practices for Small Businesses blog post.

Finally, it is important to keep your business open to all possible potential candidates. You may not expect to find your next great employee working behind the counter of a coffee shop or in a retail store, but a person that amazes you when they are not even trying to impress you for a job, is likely someone that produces high quality work all of the time. It is not every day that you meet a person who would be a great fit for your business, so if you see them, it is important to act on it right away. If your business specializes in video production, look to resources such as YouTube to find incredible amateurs that may be willing to work for you. If your business needs writers, look to social media and blogs for your next candidate.

The world is full of potentially brilliant candidates for your company. You just have to go find them. Padgett Payroll Services® can bring accuracy and cost efficiency to your payroll management. We have been helping small business owners save money and time with our payroll services for more than 40 years. Contact us online or call us at (877) 244-5842 to see how we can help you today.

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