How to Ruin an Important Job Interview

For many people who have become unemployed over recent years due to the downturn in the economy, looking for a new job is a vital part of every waking day. After all, finding either temporary or permanent employment can be the difference between making the rent payments on time and providing food for their family or being homeless and hungry. Therefore, for many people, nailing that all-important interview itself is crucial.

Naturally, in any job interview situation, you may feel stressed and nervous, and you will ultimately walk away either feeling content with your performance or disappointed with how it went. You’ve probably heard a few job interview horror stories, from interested parties turning up late, or maybe answering their cell phones in the middle of an important question, or simply saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Others may just be a little rusty and “out of the game” when it comes to job interviews. Everything you say and do is being judged, and you should bear in mind how much you are being scrutinized at every turn.

Padgett Payroll Services® wants you to be successful in finding a role that works for you, and we would like to share four pieces of advice to take to heart before an interview takes place.

Research – First of all, never skimp on your research. It stands to reason that, if you apply to work in a certain industry, the person conducting your interview will assume that you know about that company, what it specializes in, its target demographic, and so on. If you fail to do your research beforehand, you will look lazy, unresponsive and out-of-touch. Highlighting how clueless you are by being ill-prepared can cause substantial problems, not least of which being that you are showing how little you can plan for important appointments.

Criticism – If you are asked during the interview about your old job, do not feel tempted to turn your interview into a platform for your to air grievances and spew endless criticisms. To the interviewer, all of your badmouthing may cause them to imagine how you would talk about the company you are applying to work for at a later date. In a sense, it raises red flags as to if you will fit into the company culture or instead become the difficult-to-work-with Office Gossiper who is always complaining about his or her coworkers, and no-one wants to work alongside a Debbie Downer for five days a week. Showing that you can effectively collaborate with your fellow team members is key.

Questions – Make sure you ask astute questions about the company and your particular role. It is recommended that you arrive with at least three worthwhile questions to ask. Also, while you may imagine that asking a question like “How long before I will get a raise or a promotion?” will make you look like a determined and ambitious go-getter, to some interviewers it comes off looking like you’re more interested in the paycheck than the role itself. Most companies are reticent to hire those who seem more preoccupied by the financial side of things, so it’s much better to wait until you have the job and then you can find out for yourself.

Clothes – Pick out a suitable outfit to wear and ask friends or family their opinions, so you have a sense of confidence and self-assurance in what you are wearing. Get your clothes ready the night before your interview, so you don’t waste time on the day of, and always remember to polish your shoes. As the famous adage goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This will help to keep an interviewer from thinking that you are only taking this job temporarily to boost your resume before leaving in a few months’ time. Insufficient grooming is a really big no-no, so always look your smartest.

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