Reasons Why You Should Hire a Year-Round Financial Services Company

small business owner standing at cash register smilingCongratulations! You made it past the infamous April 15 taxes due date. A part of you may still feel a little overwhelmed with the headache of dealing with tax filing and might be interested in setting new goals for the following tax year. Did you know: PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® works all year to provide tax preparation and other financial consultation services? We also offer a comparison opportunity to highlight how your business ranks against industry standards for your niche.

Our company understands how small businesses operate, from the immaculate record-keeping Type-A individuals to the "organized chaos" managers. For the detail and structure-oriented, we offer consulting services and business tools to keep your company operating at top-speed year-round! Look to us to review your business in meeting federal and state government regulations. We can assist in ensuring that your employees are paid in a timely manner, and your deductions are filed appropriately with each business transaction.

Say you are the "organized chaos" type of business owner or manager. You have records, and you keep them in a certain order, but it may be a little on the disorganized side. In other words, it makes sense to you but not to others. We can take your unique methods of organization and streamline your processes to help give your other coworkers a thorough understanding of how you work. Did you know: we offer helpful tools to assist in administrative and financial records for your business?

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® never stops working for you. We want to know you and your business inside and out to provide you with the personalized attention you deserve. You will often see us requesting several appointments throughout the year for personalized tax consultations to make the filing season easier on you. When we meet with you more than once a year, we learn how your business changes and can adjust our services accordingly. Did we mention that this also keeps your records organized and ensures their completion for each fiscal year? This is also the best way to avoid any IRS audits or any other government interference into your tax records.

No matter what type of business owner or manager you are, your company's financial practices could always use a second pair of eyes from a trustworthy company that can provide effective solutions for your business' future. 

Do you have the support you need to manage your small business bookkeeping? Contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with a local small business advisor.