Employee Retention for Small Business

Many companies today focus on the wants and needs of their customers in order to stay ahead of the cost curve and to ensure that they maintain customer retention. However, small businesses also need to consider employee satisfaction as well. Customer satisfaction can only come from employees that are satisfied with their workplace, which means that the business needs to invest in its staff.

During the early times of the recession, employees were satisfied with having to work harder when faced with layoffs and little compensation, which was somewhat acceptable. But now that the economy is gradually recovering, is the employer living up to the employees’ expectations? It is important for business owners to listen to their employees; after all, the employees are the backbone of any business.

Benefits for a small business are not universal. It is the employer’s responsibility to take into account the workplace culture, as the benefits of a business need to reflect the employees’ needs. Default employee benefits are usually targeted to the Boomer generation; yet, older and younger workers have different perspectives on what valuable benefits are and, for small businesses, younger workers usually outnumber the older generation.

Small business employees with benefits that they are satisfied with are more likely to have greater job satisfaction and demonstrate loyalty to the company. Several benefits that drive employee dependability include:

  • Salary
  • Non-medical Insurance (dental, disability, life)
  • Retirement
  • Health
  • Advancement Opportunities

Time is a highly valued commodity amongst younger workers; in fact, many feel that they have had to work harder for the same compensation, causing their family life to suffer. Offering a more flexible schedule will help employees find a nice work/life balance and make them feel more engaged and valued.

Even if a small business offers its employees proper benefits, many members of staff will still suffer from financial stresses and strains. The majority of workers live check-by-check and worry about what would happen if they were to lose their job. This can affect the physical and mental health of workers, which will not only affect the bottom line of the business but also increase employee insurance claims and further their financial concerns. By providing employees with financial education opportunities, a small business can show empathy and appreciation to their employees. These programs are generally low-cost as well.

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