Tips for Hiring for Small Business

As a small business grows, each new employee that is hired will have a large impact on how the company’s culture develops throughout the workplace. As a result, with each new member of staff ultimately shaping what the business will become in the future, it is essential to hire people who are passionate about the industry, and both engaged and committed to being a team player.

Hiring can cost a small business more than many would think. Whether the company has someone dedicated to searching for the right candidate or the entrepreneur is carrying out this task themselves, it still costs the business money; after all, this is time that could be better spent finding leads or working with potential customers. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right employees the first time.

In recent years, technology has given many employers and potential employees access to thousands of different online job listings. From Craigslist to CareerBuilder, it is important to be as descriptive as possible in a job listing to guarantee the right candidate applies for the position. The ad should include day-to-day tasks as well as the prerequisite skills needed to complete more complex projects.

It is quite common for employees working in small businesses to have their daily tasks unexpectedly altered, so ensure that candidates being interviewed for the job are aware that their role can vary as time goes on, and that they will need to be able to adapt and accommodate their work schedules as and when a change occurs. Furthermore, make sure you are clear about the goals of the business and the salary that is offered.

It is a highly effective technique to always be hiring, although you must bear in mind that sometimes the best candidate is not always going to be found online. It may sound old fashioned, but some of the best candidates may be located in a place that displays a passion for their chosen industry. Networking in places such as trade shows or even conferences are great ways to find local talent. Getting the chance to meet with people face-to-face allows the entrepreneur to get a better feel for the candidate, and to make certain that they will fit into the company’s already-established culture. A potential employee that effortlessly fits into the culture that is less talented will prove their worth much more than an experienced candidate that does not work well with others.

As a final point, regardless of the rush to find a new employee, never settle. Remember, it has taken time and money to find this person, and it is going to cost the business even more to train them up to speed as well. Settling on someone with mediocre talents may also upset the work atmosphere amongst other employees, especially if they find out (and they will) that this new candidate is making the same amount of money as someone who has been on payroll for an extended period of time.

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