Posts from January, 2014

  • What Demotivates Your Employees? Part Two of Two Many companies are trying harder than ever to counter the threat of disengaged employees with better job perks and benefits. But we have to take the time to examine why so many employees are unhappy with their jobs, if we are to effectively engage them. In the second part of ... Continue Reading
  • We Act as Your Advisor PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® offers small business owners an array of support services. We understand that small business owners work nonstop, and questions can arise at any time of day. This is why our site has been constructed to assist clients 24/7. Whether you are seeking ... Continue Reading
  • What Demotivates Your Employees? Part One of Two Motivated employees are something that every business strives for. Unfortunately, unhappy employees work in almost all businesses. Before you can strive for engaged employees, you first need to examine what makes employees unmotivated and unhappy in their jobs. In this ... Continue Reading