What Demotivates Your Employees? Part Two of Two

Many companies are trying harder than ever to counter the threat of disengaged employees with better job perks and benefits. But we have to take the time to examine why so many employees are unhappy with their jobs, if we are to effectively engage them. In the second part of this series, Padgett Payroll Services® continues examining the common reasons that employees become unhappy.

Failure to Recognize Performance
Employees want to be recognized for their good work. If those who perform mediocre work receive the same pay and rewards as those who perform well, there is no incentive for workers to do the good work. Likewise, if an employee consistently does poor work and is still allowed to keep their pay rate and job, it sends a message to the other employees that poor performance is not punished. Companies that do not effectively deal with performance issues lower the bar for everyone.

Incompetent Leadership
One of the first complaints that actively disengaged employees have is generally centered on the management. They lose faith in the company’s direction and cease to follow leadership, spreading discontent along the way. Leaders that inspire confidence, communicate an inspiring vision and show faith in their employees are often rewarded with a team that is ready and willing to do their jobs well. Micromanagement is to blame for the incompetence of many management teams. It shows employees that you do not trust them to do their jobs and is often a major factor in triggering disengagement.

Lack of Fulfillment
When employees are not encouraged to share their insight or ideas, or when a company cannot figure out its vision, employees often feel lost and like their contribution to the company is being wasted. Companies should be mindful of implementing too many rules that have no actual impact on the work being done, such as restricting office hours, limiting apparel, controlling internet usage or nit-picking vacation hours. When employees feel that the rules are there to control them rather than heighten efficiency, they are likely to look for more liberating jobs elsewhere.

Job Security
Now more than ever, employees are aware of the world that awaits them if they were to lose their job. With so few companies hiring and average worker wages falling, stress over keeping their job may keep some employees from doing their best work. Instead, they spend their time preparing their resume and searching for something more stable. The best way to combat this is to give your team a sense of loyalty and trust by communicating with them frequently. You cannot stop people from leaving, but by encouraging transparency on both sides, perhaps employees can share their concerns with you before searching for another job.

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