Posts from July, 2014

  • Business Owners Need Some R&R Too Running a small business does not mean having to sacrifice your vacation time in order to run a company efficiently. Many small business owners come up with common excuses such as "not being able to afford it" or "the business can't run without my guidance" but, in all ... Continue Reading
  • Have Your Taxes Handled by Professionals Tax planning is important to the stability and wellbeing of any small business, and having a professional on board that is well-versed in both tax codes and the inner workings of payroll can help to eliminate any setbacks that could arise in the future. Many small businesses ... Continue Reading
  • Mistakes in Payroll for Employees Working Overtime While payroll can be a tricky practice at times, it is on occasion required that an employee work overtime, and these additional hours must be paid as well as their regular work hours. A number of employment laws can be broken if the calculations are done incorrectly, and ... Continue Reading
  • Successful Project Management Project management is one of the most important elements for any small business. Many projects have a deadline, budget and expected results, but if not handled properly, the desired outcome could actually cost the business more money than anticipated, which will then ... Continue Reading