Posts from June, 2014

  • Maintaining a Positive Work Culture Creating and maintaining a positive work culture is one of the most crucial tasks for any company, especially a small business. A positive working environment will lead to increased productivity, higher morale for workers and help businesses retain their skilled employees. ... Continue Reading
  • Hiring Your First Employee Has your business become too big to handle on your own? The idea of hiring your first employee can be a rigorous process; there are tax , safety, benefits and many other legal issues that must be resolved first. Before taking the plunge and hiring a candidate for the first ... Continue Reading
  • Confused about Payroll for Unpaid Interns? In a previous blog post , we spoke about whether or not employing student interns could be right for your business. The same can be said for all internships where businesses provide the opportunity for individuals to learn about a particular industry. Internships provide ... Continue Reading
  • Staying Successful in a Tough Economy Although the economy is gradually showing signs of positive change at the present, it is certainly different from what we were used to. This unfortunately means that it can be a tough time for many small businesses. While there are still numerous challenges ahead, there are ... Continue Reading