Hiring Your First Employee

Has your business become too big to handle on your own? The idea of hiring your first employee can be a rigorous process; there are tax, safety, benefits and many other legal issues that must be resolved first. Before taking the plunge and hiring a candidate for the first full-time position within your business, you should consider some of these basic yet fundamental points.

Many entrepreneurs see themselves having to do everything personally, especially given that they are chasing their dream. But the idea of “wearing many hats” can often burn the entrepreneur out before their dream even becomes a reality. This is why doing everything yourself is not the answer.

In many small businesses, simple tasks that used to take a little time will eventually begin to demand a much larger time commitment, and perhaps end up getting in the way of other tasks. If you find yourself doing a daily task that is taking almost all day to complete, instead of being able to find the time to focus on networking, planning for growth, or finding sales prospects that could benefit the company and keep it afloat, it may be time to consider hiring your first employee. Certain straightforward tasks that take a lot of commitment, such as customer support or delivery driving, are just as important as any other task. These types of jobs help you to retain interested clients, but you should also spend time furthering the expansion of your business.

The bottom line is essential for business success. If there are concerns that the business just cannot afford to hire someone to deliver your products or answer phone calls for support, consider whether or not the business can afford NOT to hire. In this case, a new employee can take the necessary tasks off of a business owner’s hands so that the entrepreneur can concentrate on growth.

If a business owner finds that they wish they had more time to build their business rather than maintaining it, this is a good indicator that they will needs to hire. There is no clear indicator that a business owner should follow when it comes time to hire, but if the business owner cannot contact clients as much as they would like, then it is probably time to focus on the needs of the business as a whole. Finding the right time to hire is essential for any business to grow, and if the timing is right, it can payoff in the long run.

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