Temporary Employment or Full-Time

It can be difficult to find the right employee for the job and, in today’s competitive market, many businesses instead decide to offer temp-to-hire positions. This is where an employee is hired on a temporary basis, more often than not for approximately three to six months. At the end of their contract, employers make the decision whether or not the temp employee is suited for the job and will be offered a full-time position. If the temp employee completes their contract, they are usually expected to be hired full-time. When hiring an employee, temporary or full-time, it is important to consider which kind of employee best suits that particular industry.

In essence, temp-to-hire positions are an extended job interview that allows employers to observe whether an employee will be able to perform the company’s needs, while at the same time ascertaining if the employee is looking for a career or a straightforward paycheck. Hiring immediately for a full-time position could mean more time sifting through resumes to find an employee fit for the job. Hiring temporary employees may also be the better option around holidays and other busier retail-based times of the year.

While there is the risk of many temp-to-hire employees taking a job counting on it being short-term, this is the same concern when hiring a regular full-time employee. Uncertainty in whether the job is right for the potential employee plays a major role in today’s job market, which is why businesses look to temp-to-hire positions more frequently in recent years. A temp-to-hire employee knows that there are risks that come with the contract, but this will only motivate them to be as productive as possible.

Because temp-to-hire employees are transitory, many businesses see this as a cost-effective way to hire additional staff. Depending on the company, these employees rarely receive company benefits, and their time on the job can end whenever needed. This also benefits the temp-to-hire employee. While the business has the chance to save money, temporary employees get the chance to see if they enjoy a certain type of job. If a business is impressed with a temporary hire’s work, they may even create a position especially for them.

It is considered a good working practice to always let potential employees know whether a temporary position has the possibility of becoming full-time. Whether a business is hiring for temporary work or full-time employment, let Padgett Payroll Services® be your guide to all your payroll services. Please contact us today!

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