The Personalized Padgett Payroll Services® Difference

Selecting the most knowledgeable professionals is key when it comes to selecting payroll processing specialists and tax code experts. Many companies claim to provide outsourced payroll services, but do little to follow through with this promise. Padgett Payroll Services® recognizes our clients have different needs and accommodates each business’ unique schedule. We have implemented some of the most customized services to ensure seamless payroll management services. Our Padgett payroll specialists are more than just our employees – they are your friends and liaisons to the tax world.

What makes Padgett different from our competitors? Our unique dedication to customer service is only one piece of the puzzle.

Dedicated representatives. When you work with Padgett Payroll Services®, a dedicated payroll manager comes to your aid. This same representative will get to know your business, check in with you regularly, and see to it that all your company’s needs are met. We never toss clients to call centers with unknown names answering the phone; you know who you are working with at all times. If you have questions, your own personal representative will always assist you. We are devoted to the care of your company’s payroll services and managers are accountable (no pun intended) for your company’s tax services.

Convenience. Our company’s platform is customer-centric. We understand each business runs on a different schedule and your employees’ time is in high demand. Payroll may be submitted using our convenient and accessible online platform – or we can even enter and submit this information for you! Imagine the convenience and freedom that comes with having extra time to focus on your own business and streamlining internal processes. When your small business’ payroll services are taken care of, the company itself flourishes.

Predictable billing. Our competitors frequently charge different amounts at different times for payroll services based on the pay period. Padgett Payroll Services® doesn’t play games with our billing. When you hire a Padgett specialist to handle employee payroll, you can expect monthly billing with the same predictable fees each and every time. Don’t let unpredictable payment schedules set your company back! Switch to the experts who understand your need for consistent payroll management at reasonable rates on a regular schedule.

No payroll processing company understands your business’ unique needs quite the way Padgett Payroll Services® does. Our time-tested techniques result in success for our clients both in time management and accuracy of bookkeeping. Our customers have come to expect to very best from their payroll management service and our team at Padgett is happy to meet and exceed all expectations. Enhance your business with payroll tax specialists trained not only in the art of payroll processing, but also in the art of being human. Call today to learn more about the Padgett Payroll Services® difference.

Do you have the support you need to manage your small business bookkeeping? Contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with a local small business advisor.