Posts from February, 2015

  • Dirty Tips: Which Small Business Tax Law Do These Break? Tips are very common in the restaurant and bar industry, but they are common in other industries as well. When was the last time you tipped someone outside of the food service business? Was it a hotel staff member, your VIP valet service, your masseuse or manicurist? It ... Continue Reading
  • The 3 Easiest Fixes For Your Cash Flow Problems Whether you’re running a small business or a Fortune 500 company, cash flow problems have the potential to run your enterprise into the ground. Even a profitable business suffers if it’s struggling to keep a positive net cash flow. If customers are slow to pay, your expenses ... Continue Reading
  • Bad Recipe For Small Business: Seeking Tax Advice In April Running a business is difficult. There’s never a shortage of responsibilities. You may be pushing off those tasks that aren’t urgent today in order to focus on what must be done this minute. With tax advice for your small business, however, waiting until April is simply a ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Payroll: How to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes Angry employees surrounding your desk after receiving a less-than-satisfactory paycheck is not an ideal situation. Honestly, there are many opportunities to make mistakes in small business accounting. While the advent of more computerized systems reduced typos and errors ... Continue Reading
  • Employment and Your Bottom Line When you think of your business’ bottom line, do you consider the impact your employees can make on it? Employees affect your bottom line, not just from having to pay wages, but also a number of factors that can ultimately make or break your business. As your business grows, ... Continue Reading
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