Posts from January, 2015

  • Choosing a Qualified Payroll Service With the IRS penalizing one in three businesses for payroll and tax errors, it is clear that conventional methods of manual payroll will more than likely lead to costly penalty fees. Not only does your business have to deal with paying the IRS penalties, it is also losing ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Tax Strategies To Slash Your Small Business Tax Burden When you spend all year working your tail off to run your small business, there’s nothing quite as demoralizing as watching your hard-earned money walk away with the IRS. That’s why it’s important to implement tax-saving strategies that help you hold onto every possible ... Continue Reading
  • Stop Losing Money From Government Compliance Failures Government compliance and tax reporting is something you may rarely think about. But, compliance for your small business is a function of year-round attention. Though you’re likely bogged down with tending to many daily tasks and problems, you’re only hurting yourself by ... Continue Reading
  • Wasting Potential Tax Savings? Try 8 Tax Planning Tactics If you own a small business, the best tax advice you’ll ever receive is that you need to be proactive and make tax planning a 365-day effort . Tax-saving opportunities happen from January to December. If you’re not taking advantage of them all year, don’t expect to find any ... Continue Reading