Posts from March, 2015

  • Stop the Search Party: How to Find the Right Tax Consultant A tax consultant who is fit to support you in your journey to achieve your business dreams is a certain kind of professional. There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” tax partner Whomever you partner with must have specific experience and qualifications, a personality ... Continue Reading
  • Which Employee Raise Method is Best for Your Small Business? In all of our years of offering tax advisement and payroll management to small, medium and large businesses, we have noticed administering pay raises can be quite complicated and have sticky consequences when enacted inefficiently. It requires monitoring of your employees to ... Continue Reading
  • Time Out: Does Your Tax Consultant Have Time For You? The personal characteristics of your tax consultant contribute to this professional’s ability to support your small business . He or she must also have the experience and qualifications to provide tax advice that has a lasting impact on your business. Yet, none of these ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Crucial Personality Traits of Successful Tax Consultants In our last blog, we discussed the professional qualifications of a tax consultant who’s best suited to support your small business. But, as we mentioned, those five credentials are only a starting point. A tax consultant is someone you must work with year-round. Simply ... Continue Reading
  • The Top Financial Rule for Small Business Owners During the height of the tax season, the payroll experts at Padgett Business Services® feel that it is important for small business owners to understand and follow this small business rule: Seek payroll and tax advisement throughout the fiscal year— not just at tax ... Continue Reading
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