3 Crucial Personality Traits of Successful Tax Consultants

business agreement with 3 people In our last blog, we discussed the professional qualifications of a tax consultant who’s best suited to support your small business. But, as we mentioned, those five credentials are only a starting point.

A tax consultant is someone you must work with year-round. Simply getting tax advice and support in April is not a recipe for maximizing your business’ tax savings. It is essential to develop a partnership with someone who helps you throughout the year – someone you can call on at any time to ask questions and get advice.

Because the right tax partner works with you on a regular basis, his or her personality is extremely important. And we’re not just talking about a friendly demeanor. Identify these three traits for a successful relationship.

  • The Ability To Develop A True Connection
    Do you relate to him or her? Does he or she relate to you? You need to develop a strong relationship – one in which your advisor understands you on both a business and personal level.
  • The Capacity To Communicate Effectively
    Much of a strong relationship is dependent on your communication. Your tax consultant must understand your business in the way you talk about it, and he or she must explain taxes, reporting and compliance in your language.

    Furthermore, are you confident that your partner will promptly return your calls? If you prefer face-to-face meetings to phone calls or emails, is he or she able to accommodate your needs? Ultimately, ensure that your advisor can deliver information in a way that you’re comfortable with.
  • Credibility And Confidence In His Or Her Own Abilities
    When it comes to your partner’s credibility in terms of being able to support you, it’s often the case that both an overconfident tax preparer and one who lacks self-assurance is apt to make mistakes. Confidence is key. If a tax consultant doesn’t appear confident, it may be that this person questions his or her own ability to help you.

In the next PADGETT blog, we’ll outline perhaps the most important determinant of a partner who is capable of supporting your small business needs: level of availability. Check in next week to learn this critical aspect of tax support.

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