Posts from September, 2015

  • To Get A Small Biz Loan, You Need Legit Financial Statements It’s not just the small businesses with major problems that require help. Even successful businesses benefit from working with advisors who support and truly understand small businesses. Just ask the owner of a profitable freight and trucking company in Georgia. His small ... Continue Reading
  • From Big Loss To $47K Profit By Killing Her Cash Flow Problems A woman with a great talent for baking owned and operated a bakery in suburban Chicago with her father, who also enjoys a successful career in corporate America. Despite the abilities of its owners, the small business suffered from profitability and cash flow problems. In ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Hiring & Employment Mistakes Small Business Make Small business owners know a unique set of challenges await them in the financial world. Special rules and regulations are in place for businesses with less than a certain number of employees, and different tax brackets further classify companies into categories, each with ... Continue Reading
  • So You Made a Payroll Error Payroll errors, while not common, can happen to even the best H.R. departments. Payroll is an extremely sensitive topic for many employees (especially those working on an hourly basis), so it is important to handle these errors with respect for all involved and not only ... Continue Reading
  • Cutting $75,000 Off A Small Business’s Tax Penalties Like many other taxing agencies, Florida’s Department of Revenue has pushed for increased enforcement through sales tax audits using alcohol beverages and tobacco (ABT) purchase data to estimate total sales. Auditing convenience stores has been lucrative for governments, ... Continue Reading
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