The IRS Wants to Be Friends

Believe it or not, the Internal Revenue Service does not want to audit your company. It’s a time-consuming, costly process that generally results in dissatisfaction all around. The IRS has actually become very consumer-friendly in recent years, connecting with business owners through YouTube, Twitter and even through resources on their own website. The IRS has a comprehensive database of resources companies can use absolutely free of charge to file tax documents properly.

The IRS’s YouTube channel offers helpful information for businesses. For example, check out this video about the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit:

Some helpful IRS resources you may want to consider:

Many companies have recently begun to feel the impact of economic recovery, recording record sales and extended “busy seasons.” This is great for businesses and consumers, but it doesn’t make filing year-end tax documents any easier. Employees are generally busy focusing on the customer experience or creating quality products and do not have time to pour through endless tax documents, even though they are on a neatly laid-out website. Because of this, many companies both large and small have chosen to invest in professional business payroll processors and tax services. Companies experiencing growth this year may want to outsource payroll as means of maintaining their growth and stimulating additional sales for 2016.

Remember: tax filing season opens on Tuesday, January 19th. Is your business ready?

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