Posts from July, 2016

  • What Kind Of Hiring Strategy Should Your Small Business Use? Most business owners know that hiring the right talent is one of the best ways to ensure the company's success. However, small business hiring budgets tend to be limited, making it necessary for the company to concentrate its efforts on the most effective hiring practices. ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Finance Tips for Seasonal Small Business Owners Managing a seasonal business can be rewarding, but it also presents unique challenges that owners of other types of businesses may not face, especially with regard to their financial situations. Here are five small business finance tips to help your business reach its full ... Continue Reading
  • Realize You Made an Error or Omitted Something After You Filed Your Return? Here’s What to Do: Everyone makes mistakes, but making an error on your tax return can be particularly upsetting. Once you become aware of the error, worry and dread often sets in. Fortunately, most errors can be corrected easily. If you have realized that there was an error on your small ... Continue Reading