Posts from May, 2016

  • I Filed My Tax Return, Where's My Refund? If you paid more tax than you owed during the year, or if you claimed refundable credits, you will typically receive a tax refund. However, you won't get this money immediately after filing your individual or small business tax return. Instead, you will have to wait for the ... Continue Reading
  • I Just Received a Notice From the IRS, but I Already Filed My Tax Return. What Should I Do Next? Receiving a notice from the IRS can be upsetting, especially if you have received the notice in error. If you receive such a notice, however, there is no need to panic. Understanding IRS Notices Depending on your situation, you may receive several different notices from the ... Continue Reading
  • Unhappy With the Income Tax Bill for Your Small Business? Here's What You Should Do: We all want to pay as little income tax as possible without breaking the law. If your small business tax bill is too high, try the following tips to bring it down in subsequent years. Keep impeccable records. Most of the deductions your small business can claim depend on ... Continue Reading