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  • Direct Deposit Has Many Benefits for Employers and Employees Alike Direct deposit of employee payroll into workers’ bank accounts in lieu of issuing paper checks has advantages for both payers and payees. So great are the benefits of direct deposit that some employers no longer even offer their employees the option of receiving a paper ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Payroll Service & Payroll Administration Payroll Manager / Payroll Specialist - Payroll Administration. Contract Payroll Outsourcing And More... Padgett is first in payroll services for small businesses, and we are here to help if you are tired of playing the role of payroll manager. If that's you, our ... Continue Reading
  • The Small Business Guide to Hiring the Best Employees Small businesses rely on their employees to help them become successful and maintain productivity overtime. Because small businesses are able to support only a limited number of employees, hiring the right people is essential. Below are some tips to help you optimize your ... Continue Reading
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