Posts from February, 2021

  • Seven tax deductions every self-employed worker should know There are a host of tax deductions available to self-employed individuals that can generate real savings when filing your tax return. As you prepare to file your taxes this year, here are a few deductions you should be mindful of: Home office expenses: If you’re using an ... Continue Reading
  • Here’s why you shouldn’t go it alone this tax season There’s no mistaking that tax time can be confusing. There are enough deadlines and deductions to make your head spin, and this year adds a new level of complexity to the mix. Thanks to the various COVID-19 economic programs and tax tweaks, this might be the year you ... Continue Reading
  • Get your business ready for tax time with these four tax tips For many, tax time may conjure up visions of last-minute meetings, late-night number crunching and racing to beat the deadline to file a return. With tax deadlines right around the corner, however, it’s more important than ever to swap that hectic approach with one that is ... Continue Reading
  • How to spot the difference between a CPA and Enrolled Agent Filing your taxes can be a complicated and time-consuming process, particularly if you own a business and are focused on the day-to-day needs of its operations. Finding a tax professional who can help you is important. When most people think of finding tax help, they often ... Continue Reading