Posts from October, 2021

  • Having a trusted, caring business partner to lean on In Padgett, Bridget Hallett found a “sounding board” to help her with big decisions When Bridget Hallett decided to start her marketing company, she viewed it as a potential resource to aid small businesses. She knew that most of them were serving a special niche with unique ... Continue Reading
  • The Future of Filing: Upcoming Changes to W-2 Requirements Over the next two years, the IRS is implementing some dramatic changes to current filing requirements for Form W-2. The IRS will soon require small businesses with 10 or more employees to change the way they file these forms. If you have employees, you know how important ... Continue Reading
  • Picking the best retirement plan for you It doesn't matter if you’re a small business owner or an employee working at a large company, it's important to have a retirement strategy in place to ensure you’ll be taken care of when your working days are behind you. There are several types of retirement plans to choose ... Continue Reading