Posts from April, 2022

  • Tommy and Adam Waller find their "why" with support from Padgett For Adam and Tommy Waller, starting a business was not part of the plan. Both brothers work other jobs: Adam is a physical therapist, and Tommy works in national security and in the Marine Corps. But when their mother presented a challenge at dinner one night, The Oyster Bed ... Continue Reading
  • 15 Financial terms you need to know Financial literacy: “the knowledge and skills that give you the ability to manage your finances, including budgeting and investing” Financial literacy is the key to successful money management and the reduction of financial stress. Yet many people struggle with financial ... Continue Reading
  • Dr. Tina Lepage finds confidence partnering with Padgett After 12 years living in Washington, D.C., a move to North Carolina led Dr. Tina Lepage to open her psychology and psychiatry practice, Lepage Associates. Though she now has three offices in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, starting a new business in a new city wasn’t easy ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Tips to make next year's taxes easier Unless you requested an extension, 2021 tax filing is finally over! Many taxpayers stop thinking about taxes as soon as they file and don’t worry about it again until the next April deadline is approaching. But this can make tax preparation more stressful than it needs to be ... Continue Reading
  • Is a tax refund actually a good thing? The pros and cons Many of us like to get a big tax refund each year when we file our returns. In fact, the IRS reported that as of March 4, the average refund so far in 2022 was $3,401. It can be fun to get a few thousand dollars deposited into your account, but is that large refund actually ... Continue Reading
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