Posts from February, 2022

  • Kevin Garibaldi found the recipe for success with Padgett Throughout his varied career, making good food has been a constant for Kevin Garibaldi, owner of Garibaldi’s Catering and its companion restaurant, Garibaldi’s New Orleans Cuisine. Kevin began his career with a restaurant apprenticeship in Monterey, California. He was ... Continue Reading
  • How to make marriage work in the workplace: advice from Padgett firm owners For some people, working with a significant other sounds like a nightmare, and it’s certainly true that it doesn’t come without its obstacles. But many couples find that the best business partner is also their life partner—as is the case for many Padgett owners across the ... Continue Reading
  • Filing options for married taxpayers If you’re married, you may not be aware of your tax filing options and assume that filing a return jointly with your spouse is the only choice available to you. In fact, you can file separate returns. It’s tricky, though. There are specific situations where filing separately ... Continue Reading
  • How to Choose The Best Tax Preparer If you choose to have someone prepare your tax return, it’s important to choose wisely. You’re trusting this person with your financial information and depending on them to report that information accurately to the IRS so that you don’t encounter penalties. But how do you ... Continue Reading