Posts from March, 2022

  • Erin Wiley's business takes root and grows with Padgett Erin Wiley was a professional musical theatre actress for years, but finally decided it was time to find a new role: as a counselor and business owner. “After I raised my kids, I was looking for a meaningful second career,” Erin says. “I always had an interest in psychology, ... Continue Reading
  • Filing an extension: what you need to know Although the IRS extended the tax filing deadline in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, they have no plans to extend again this year. Just because the government has decided not to extend the deadline this year doesn’t mean you can’t get more time! It’s not too late to request ... Continue Reading
  • How gambling affects your taxes Have you been feeling lucky lately? Did you score some money in a casino or lottery? If so, with April’s tax deadline approaching, you may now be wondering how those winnings will affect your tax return. The IRS considers gambling income from lottery, horse races, raffles, ... Continue Reading
  • What do I do if I owe taxes and can't pay? While many of us are hoping to have a payday when our tax refunds arrive, if you owe taxes, you may find that April 18 is the wrong kind of “pay day.” This year marks the third COVID-era tax season, and millions of dollars in past refunds and pandemic relief credits have yet ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Ways to manage stress + Tips for tax time Spring is almost here with its longer days, warmer weather and budding plants. It typically conjures up ideas of renewal and happiness, but for many people, March and April bring stress and sickness instead. A 2014 Washington Post article on Google search trends suggested ... Continue Reading
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