• Tommy and Adam Waller find their "why" with support from Padgett For Adam and Tommy Waller, starting a business was not part of the plan. Both brothers work other jobs: Adam is a physical therapist, and Tommy works in national security and in the Marine Corps. But when their mother presented a challenge at dinner one night, The Oyster Bed ... Continue Reading
  • Erik Gledhill is blazing new trails with his Padgett partners As a social worker, Erik Gledhill didn’t originally plan on being a business owner. His journey to owning a pet store in Chico, California began at home — with his own dog. After noticing his dog’s dry skin issues, joint pain, and fatigue, Erik first turned to vets for help, ... Continue Reading
  • Altus Global Aviation takes flight with the help of Padgett Barrington After an exciting six years in the commercial aviation industry, including a stint in London, Liz Franz took the entrepreneurial leap and founded Altus Global Aviation . Altus supports the airline industry from the OEMs to the engine shops, distributors and even the airlines ... Continue Reading
  • Donate and get a big(ger) tax break Last year, Congress enacted the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act which featured several provisions designed to reward both individuals and businesses who donated to charity. Enacted in the throes of the pandemic and its immediate impact on the economy, these ... Continue Reading
  • How to spread some cheer and save on your taxes through holiday gift-giving Who doesn’t love opening a present this time of year? Spreading that holiday cheer through a gift to your employees and customers is a great way to get in a festive spirit and thank them for their hard work, especially during a challenging year. Remember that only certain ... Continue Reading
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