• 'Locking' taxpayer accounts could bolster cybersecurity With more and more resources shifting to online and cloud-based resources – particularly in an environment that is embracing remote work options – minimizing fraud and enhancing cybersecurity standards are imperative. This includes taxpayers as they begin to eye the ... Continue Reading
  • PPP loan forgiveness offers opportunity for pause, planning The Paycheck Protection Program has offered a much-needed lift for small businesses across the country, enabling them to keep their heads above water throughout the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. If you’re a small business owner who ... Continue Reading
  • Making Small Matter Across the country, small businesses are feeling the economic crunch from COVID-19. From mandatory lockdowns to jittery customers, many businesses are having to make difficult decisions around managing payroll, forgoing future investments and evaluating when it is safe to ... Continue Reading
  • Boost Profitability With The Right Accounting Help In small business, there are generally two kinds of accounting help owners use: bare bones support and support that actually impacts your bottom line. Inc.com defines an accountant as “someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand.” ... Continue Reading
  • Ignoring These 5 Accounting Issues? You’re Hurting Your Biz Is accounting the reason you started your small business? Is accounting one of your strong suits? For most business owners, the answer to these two questions is undoubtedly “no.” The problem isn’t that you don’t enjoy accounting and aren’t knowledgeable about it. But if we ... Continue Reading
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