Business Performance

  • Building a culture of integrity At the most basic level, integrity is doing the right thing solely because it’s the right thing to do. What do you do when no one else is watching? How do you behave when it matters the most? Crafting a strong culture of integrity in your business is important, enabling you ... Continue Reading
  • Stop The Bleeding: Get Tax Help Now To Protect Your Profits If you’re familiar with our blog, then you know the importance of getting tax help not just around March and April, but year-round. Most small business owners have day-to-day issues and responsibilities that are far more pressing than taxes. Yet there is a big difference ... Continue Reading
  • How A Consultant Grew A Small Business’s Profit By 1,000% In business for four years, a talented chef owned a unique, small restaurant with an eclectic menu, but rarely were his tables full. While the chef had long dreamed of owning a successful restaurant, he simply wasn’t making enough to support his lifestyle – until he ... Continue Reading