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  • 8 Tips for reducing business owner burnout There’s no doubt that running a business drains you both physically and mentally. As a business owner, you’re often focused on the health of your business. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so now is a great time to pause and take stock of your own health—especially your ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Ways to manage stress + Tips for tax time Spring is almost here with its longer days, warmer weather and budding plants. It typically conjures up ideas of renewal and happiness, but for many people, March and April bring stress and sickness instead. A 2014 Washington Post article on Google search trends suggested ... Continue Reading
  • How to make marriage work in the workplace: advice from Padgett firm owners For some people, working with a significant other sounds like a nightmare, and it’s certainly true that it doesn’t come without its obstacles. But many couples find that the best business partner is also their life partner—as is the case for many Padgett owners across the ... Continue Reading
  • How to Create a Vision Board to Help Your Business Succeed What is a vision board? You may have heard vision boards mentioned before — they’re a popular goal-setting tool. Oprah is one of several celebrities to praise the method, and the research backs up their claim. Psychology Today researchers have found that visualization is a ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance Work/life balance is a major consideration for 72% of people when job hunting. So, it’s no surprise that over two-thirds of small business owners consider the ability to set their own schedule and choose their own lifestyle to be their primary motivator for starting a ... Continue Reading
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