IRS Problems

  • Surprise, you’re self-employed! So, now what?: Tax tips for Uber and DoorDash drivers Making a little extra cash always is an enticing thing, and many people have put their car to work for them. Food delivery companies such as DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and Grubhub have boomed in the past year, while Uber and Lyft remain popular options for folks looking ... Continue Reading
  • IRS announces unemployment changes that may impact your tax return Have you already filed your tax return for the year? And did you report your unemployment payments in that return only to see the American Jobs Rescue Plan (ARPA) modify the need for some taxpayers to include that compensation? If so, there’s no need to worry – or possibly ... Continue Reading
  • 'Locking' taxpayer accounts could bolster cybersecurity With more and more resources shifting to online and cloud-based resources – particularly in an environment that is embracing remote work options – minimizing fraud and enhancing cybersecurity standards are imperative. This includes taxpayers as they begin to eye the ... Continue Reading
  • Cutting $75,000 Off A Small Business’s Tax Penalties Like many other taxing agencies, Florida’s Department of Revenue has pushed for increased enforcement through sales tax audits using alcohol beverages and tobacco (ABT) purchase data to estimate total sales. Auditing convenience stores has been lucrative for governments, ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Problems Don’t Go Away After Your Biz Files An Extension Tax problems are all too common among small business owners. Why are they so widespread? Many owners don’t have a complete understanding of what actually causes these issues and how to prevent them. Moreover, these problems are compounded by an inability to pay your taxes by ... Continue Reading