• What you ought to know about estimated tax payments The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the growth of self-employed workers who rely on freelance opportunities or contract work. If you’re one of the countless Americans who have hung up your own shingle – or if you own property or collect money ... Continue Reading
  • The Best Annual Budget Template for Small Businesses When you are operating a small business, having an accurate annual budget is essential. Your budget lets you know how much money you expect to bring in and what expenses you need to pay so you can make the best decisions for your company's future. However, not all budgets ... Continue Reading
  • The Top Accounting Challenges Small Businesses Face Accounting is an important component of business operations, regardless of the size of the company. However, smaller businesses often face unique accounting challenges that larger businesses may not encounter. Below are some of the most common accounting challenges small ... Continue Reading
  • Is DIY Bookkeeping Causing Your Small Business Problems? Throughout the course of running your small business, you’re going to encounter some problems, both big and small. When you consider that approximately eight out of 10 businesses fail within their first 18 months , these problems may make your heart skip a beat or two. If ... Continue Reading
  • Pay Raises More Frequent in 2013 Small businesses may being giving out raises a little more frequently this year, and they may also be shelling out a somewhat bigger increases in wages and salary to keep their top performers on the payroll. That’s according to WorldatWork, a non-profit association of human ... Continue Reading
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