Small Business Taxes

  • 5 Awful Small Business Tax Tips You Should Ignore When it comes to taxes, there’s no shortage of “expert” advice. Since we all must deal with taxes at least once a year, many people believe they understand everything they need to know about the topic. This leads to plenty of “free tax advice” being passed around. ... Continue Reading
  • Fearing More Surprises And Tax Penalties, This Owner Got Help Some small business owners are resigned to the idea that tax season has to be stressful, while others know there are better ways to manage their taxes. Some business owners wait until March or April and are able to avoid tax penalties, while others are far less fortunate. ... Continue Reading
  • Stop The Bleeding: Get Tax Help Now To Protect Your Profits If you’re familiar with our blog, then you know the importance of getting tax help not just around March and April, but year-round. Most small business owners have day-to-day issues and responsibilities that are far more pressing than taxes. Yet there is a big difference ... Continue Reading
  • Avoidable Causes Of Small Businesses’ Biggest Tax Problem Defining your 10 to 12-hour days as a “grind” is an understatement. Running a small business day in and day out, you can easily forget about your tax responsibilities. At the root of most small business owners’ biggest tax problem is this inattention to taxes. With income ... Continue Reading
  • Bad Records Led To This Small Biz’s Tax Problems And More Like many small businesses, one New York pizza place suffered from a prevalent issue: lackluster or nonexistent record keeping that led to tax problems. Its owners, twin brothers, had run the business successfully for years after inheriting it from their parents. But without ... Continue Reading
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