Small Business Taxes

  • Tommy and Adam Waller find their "why" with support from Padgett For Adam and Tommy Waller, starting a business was not part of the plan. Both brothers work other jobs: Adam is a physical therapist, and Tommy works in national security and in the Marine Corps. But when their mother presented a challenge at dinner one night, The Oyster Bed ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding your tax result Filing your taxes can be stressful for anyone but discovering an unexpected balance due can make it much worse. And while a surprise check in the mail in the form of a tax refund is more pleasant, you may still be left confused by why you’re being given this money. If you’re ... Continue Reading
  • Erin Wiley's business takes root and grows with Padgett Erin Wiley was a professional musical theatre actress for years, but finally decided it was time to find a new role: as a counselor and business owner. “After I raised my kids, I was looking for a meaningful second career,” Erin says. “I always had an interest in psychology, ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Ways to manage stress + Tips for tax time Spring is almost here with its longer days, warmer weather and budding plants. It typically conjures up ideas of renewal and happiness, but for many people, March and April bring stress and sickness instead. A 2014 Washington Post article on Google search trends suggested ... Continue Reading
  • How to Choose The Best Tax Preparer If you choose to have someone prepare your tax return, it’s important to choose wisely. You’re trusting this person with your financial information and depending on them to report that information accurately to the IRS so that you don’t encounter penalties. But how do you ... Continue Reading
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