Tax Tips

  • Unhappy With the Income Tax Bill for Your Small Business? Here's What You Should Do: We all want to pay as little income tax as possible without breaking the law. If your small business tax bill is too high, try the following tips to bring it down in subsequent years. Keep impeccable records. Most of the deductions your small business can claim depend on ... Continue Reading
  • I Filed My Income Tax Return but Couldn't Pay. What Should I Do Now? Whether you are an individual or a small business, filing your tax return on time is important. However, if you can't pay the full amount of income tax you owe on or before the due date, you will face interest and penalties even if you filed on time. If you have filed your ... Continue Reading
  • Why You Need Professional Help Preparing Your Business Taxes - 8 Points to Consider Preparing income tax returns as a small business can be challenging. Tax laws change continuously, and keeping up with all of these filing requirements can be daunting for the busy business owner. In order to prevent tax-related problems, it is best to entrust your taxes to ... Continue Reading
  • Seven Small Business Tax Deductions You Might Have Missed Managing a small business is complicated. Managing and keeping track of all the deductions you are entitled to can be even more so. You are not alone. According to Kiplinger, millions of individuals overpay on their taxes each year. Below are a seven small business tax ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Taxes: 5 Reasons Why Professional Help Matters It’s amazing that as a small business owner, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask for professional help to fix a plumbing job or to repair faulty machinery. But when it comes to tax preparation and financial consulting, a lot of business owners opt to go it alone. This decision not ... Continue Reading
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