Tax Tips

  • Graduation Season is here! ...Now what? If you or your child is graduating this year, you’re likely caught up in a swirl of pomp and circumstance. You may be thinking about ordering regalia, planning grad parties, taking senior photos or what the next step in continuing education may be. But graduation comes with ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Tips to make next year's taxes easier Unless you requested an extension, 2021 tax filing is finally over! Many taxpayers stop thinking about taxes as soon as they file and don’t worry about it again until the next April deadline is approaching. But this can make tax preparation more stressful than it needs to be ... Continue Reading
  • Is a tax refund actually a good thing? The pros and cons Many of us like to get a big tax refund each year when we file our returns. In fact, the IRS reported that as of March 4, the average refund so far in 2022 was $3,401. It can be fun to get a few thousand dollars deposited into your account, but is that large refund actually ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding your tax result Filing your taxes can be stressful for anyone but discovering an unexpected balance due can make it much worse. And while a surprise check in the mail in the form of a tax refund is more pleasant, you may still be left confused by why you’re being given this money. If you’re ... Continue Reading
  • How gambling affects your taxes Have you been feeling lucky lately? Did you score some money in a casino or lottery? If so, with April’s tax deadline approaching, you may now be wondering how those winnings will affect your tax return. The IRS considers gambling income from lottery, horse races, raffles, ... Continue Reading
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