• What can you Deduct on Your Small Business Taxes? If you own a small business, you may be wondering how you can reduce your taxable income and save some money at tax time. Below are some of the best deductions currently available to small businesses. New equipment purchases. If your small business invested in new equipment, ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Tax Deadlines: When Are They & How to Prepare Small businesses have a number of responsibilities and requirements when it comes to filing and paying taxes. Remembering deadlines and taking care of all of the required tasks can be daunting, especially when you have many other items on your to-do list. Below is some ... Continue Reading
  • How will Tax Reforms in 2018 Affect Small Businesses in 2019 The government recently approved some of the most significant tax reforms seen in recent years. These reforms will affect all taxpayers, including small businesses. As you get ready to prepare your 2018 tax return, be aware of the following changes. Changes to tax rates. If ... Continue Reading
  • Is Tax Reform Really Helping Small Businesses? Those in favor of the new tax law argued that it would boost small businesses by giving them much-needed breaks on taxation. However, since the law has been passed, the idea that it would be truly helpful for small businesses has been up for debate. Although this reform ... Continue Reading
  • Don’t Forget These 4 Factors When Hiring Seasonal Employees This Summer As the summer approaches, many businesses are preparing to hire seasonal workers to deal with the resulting increase in customers and orders. Before you begin the hiring process, take some time to consider each of the important issues below. Seasonal workers need to know ... Continue Reading
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