• 5 Tips to safeguard against summer storms With rising temperatures, thunderstorms typically become more and more common in the summer season—as well as more and more unpredictable. Lightning, heavy wind and rain can result in physical damage to your property, and power outages can wreak havoc on electronic files. If ... Continue Reading
  • 8 Tips for reducing business owner burnout There’s no doubt that running a business drains you both physically and mentally. As a business owner, you’re often focused on the health of your business. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so now is a great time to pause and take stock of your own health—especially your ... Continue Reading
  • 15 Financial terms you need to know Financial literacy: “the knowledge and skills that give you the ability to manage your finances, including budgeting and investing” Financial literacy is the key to successful money management and the reduction of financial stress. Yet many people struggle with financial ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Tips to make next year's taxes easier Unless you requested an extension, 2021 tax filing is finally over! Many taxpayers stop thinking about taxes as soon as they file and don’t worry about it again until the next April deadline is approaching. But this can make tax preparation more stressful than it needs to be ... Continue Reading
  • How to make marriage work in the workplace: advice from Padgett firm owners For some people, working with a significant other sounds like a nightmare, and it’s certainly true that it doesn’t come without its obstacles. But many couples find that the best business partner is also their life partner—as is the case for many Padgett owners across the ... Continue Reading
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